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Your virtual mixologist is Alex Greenwood, a 26-year veteran of the PR and Marketing industry. A former TV executive and radio host, Alex is a sought-after speaker and expert who loves sharing his passion for PR!


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Host/Producer: J. Alex Greenwood

Production Assistant: Mary Forster

Our Skype Handle: (please add to your contacts for the interview): live:alex_38417

Email: Alex (at)

General Information:

PR After Hours began in 2020 and features PR, Marketing and Management news, tips,  and interviews. PR After Hours is a laid-back, "happy hour" vibe, as if you are chatting with a colleague after work. Keep it light, positive, and fun!

Host Alex Greenwood is a award-winning writer, public relations consultant, speaker, and former journalist and radio talk show host. He is also the author of the John Pilate Mysteries.

We record remotely via Skype. You must have a Skype account  (set up a Skype account here) if you wish to be interviewed. On some occasions we can record via telephone, but this is not preferred.

Most recording sessions last 30-45 minutes. We ask that you record from a quiet place (preferably a room or area without hard surfaces that may cause echo), using a headset or smartphone earbud/mic—the built-in mic on a computer will not create a good listening experience. For that reason, we do not interview guests who do not use an external microphone.

All interviews become the property of AGPR. We reserve the right to use excerpts of interviews for promotional purposes in perpetuity. 

If you are scheduled to appear on the show, please email this information to the address above:

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  • Name three topics (logline plus a sentence or two) you are interested in discussing on the show.
  • Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Finally...remember: Keep it light, positive, and fun!